Important information for Parents

Lockdown – An opportunity for Education & Skills development

Dear Parents,
Available in the website:

  1. Subject wise initial page of the curriculum (Class Nursery to VIII) for Session 2020-2021.
  2. Syllabus (Class IX-XII) for Session 2020-2021.
  3. Study material and videos of Lessons 1 & 2 of important subjects of Class Nursery to VIII.
  4. Study material and videos of Lessons 1 & 2 of important subjects of Class IX to XII.

Students may use the study material for the initial chapters and may also search for the contents of the syllabus in the Extramarks app – The Learning app link provided by the school.

The Process for Installation of Extramarks – The Learning app is as follows:-

Step – 1: Install Extramarks – The Learning app from play store.

Step – 2: Create your account with valid mobile number & required details.

Step – 3: Select CBSE Board & Class.

Step – 4: Click on Redeem Voucher in menu & enter the code GTS-RJ0657 & Apply.

Step – 5: Use Learning Material.

N.B.: Scroll the features whenever appears and click on Got it.

Question Bank for Practice & Test is also available with this learning app.

Apart from this you can also access DIKSHA app on Google Play Store (Android Phones) or DIKSHA website can be accessed through the following URL: You can also access E-Pathshala through the website URL: or

Dear Parents,
The lockdown is building new arteries within homes; families are rediscovering their bonds and connections; they are making renewed efforts to do things that they enjoy together as a family. Therefore, how about considering this challenge as an opportunity to shift focus from ‘schooling only at schools’ to ‘School-Home collaboration for learning’. There can be no better time than this to move beyond the customary parent-teacher meetings and invite parents to a much deeper and long-term relationship in their child’s progress on the learning curve. This is the time to build a synergy between the home environment and school environment. At this time, the learning material from your books is being provided online to you by the school, but this is also a time to move beyond the books.

Deep connection between schools and homes can help children understand societal involvement in the light of redefined social roles. And even more importantly, it will bring back the focus on learning becoming a habit, a lifestyle, that is integrated into every aspect of our daily lives, and not just something that you do at school. Once again, there is no end to the possibilities here.