Admission & Procedure


  1. Criteria for selection of candidates.
    1. Selection is done irrespective of Caste or creed and from all sections of society.
    2. Consideration is given to the students from the neighbourhood, siblings studying in our school and also to the wards of the school staff members.
    3. Consideration towards the poor and needy.
    4. Scrutiny of the documents submitted.


  1. If there is any vacancy, students are ordinarily admitted at the beginning of the academic session after a written test and oral interview.
    1. In case of any vacancy-Transfer cases may be given priority.
    2. Parents must accompany the candidate at the time of interview.
    3. Candidate´s date of birth and name is verified from Municipal Certificate or from school leaving certificate of the previous school at the time of admission.
    4. Scrutiny of the documents submitted.
  2. Class X students securing not less than 81% in the aggregate in the School Examinations as well as in Board Examination are selected for Science. The rest could seek admission for Commerce and Arts stream.
  3. Students of X and XII are required to have 85% attendance as per the norms laid down by the CBSE Board.
  4. The date of birth and name filled in the admission form will not be changed afterwards/later on.
  5. The Principal reserves for herself the right of refusing admission to any girl. She need not furnish reason for refusal.
  6. Promotions are granted on the basis of the whole year´s work and attendance of the students, hence the importance of regularity in work, attendance and Parent-Teacher contacts.
  7. Besides regular class tests, the school conducts two main examinations tentatively.
  8. The criterion for promotion is the average of the 2 Summative Assessments and 4 Formative Assessments.
  9. Children who are ill or are recovering from an illness should not be sent for a test/examination. Their general performance in the subject will be taken into account. There will be no anticipation or postponement of any test/examination either oral or written.
  10. Normally no student will be allowed to appear for the Term II examination if she does not put in 90% attendance in class K.G to VIII and 85% attendance in classes IX to XII.
  11. If a candidate fails to appear in both Term I and Term II examination (even on medical grounds) she will be treated as detained.
  12. The minimum pass marks in each subjects is 40% for classes K.G to VIII and 33% for classes IX to XII.
  13. Students who use unfair means during tests and examinations will be given zero in the subjects. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal.
  14. Students who fail twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue in the school.
  15. Results declared at the end of the academic year are final and in any case will not be reconsidered. Parents are therefore requested to be alert to their daughter´s progress throughout the year.